The rules are:
1. answer the questions on your blog
2. take away one question you don't like and add a new one.
3. tag other people

1. which perfume do you use? - Georgio Armani -Elle

2. who is your favourite artist? - Wassily Kandinsky

3. what are you currently reading? - Patricia Cornwell -Dödligt spår

4. today's highlight? - att solen tittar fram

5. what whould you really like to learn? - infatta ädelstenar i smycken

6. what was the last thing you bought? - nya promenadskor

7. what's your favourite animal? - katt

8. what's your most important goal at the moment? - njuta av varje dag

9. what do you think of the person who tagged you? -
La Fleur underbar bloggvän som alltid inspirerar

10. what's the colour of your eyes? - blå

11. if you could be anywhere in the world for the next hours, where would that be? - New York

12. what do you find important with your friends? -att de är pålitliga

13. What are you doing this summer? -har sommarlov, reser till Bulgarien och sedan lite jobb

14. what's your dreamjob? - guldsmed!!

15. what's your favourite piece in your wardrobe? - min rosa klänning

16. do you have any favourite models? - Heidi Klum

17. 3 things that make you smile - roliga sms, solsken, vänner

18. what's your favourite song at the moment? - Gabriellas sång med Helene Sjöholm

19. what's your favourite tv-series? - Grey's anatomy, One Tree Hill

20. what are you wearing at the moment? - svarta byxor, oversize top

21. what's your favourite sweets? -choklad

22. who's your role model for style? - Jennifer Aniston

23. what was the last film you saw? - Chicagoexpressen

vem som helst får hänga på, jag taggar alla mina läsare... =)


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